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Looking for a small business totally focused on supporting other small businesses through development and growth? You've found it!  
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Hi, I'm Porsche Marcelin, owner and creator of Agile Designs & Consulting.  Agile is a small business developed out of an identified need to provide individuals, growing companies, and community organizations with brand, marketing, and event essentials.  


Are you a mom just looking to create an invitation for a themed party? A wedding planner who needs a simple program or menu designed? A bride that doesn't want all the frills of a wedding invitation? Well, I can help you!  It doesn't stop there!

The company was born out of a two notions:

  • Recognition that most business owners can't afford the going rate for a graphic designers but still need quality materials

  • My passion and meticulous eye for designing materials and organizing business functions 

This being something I just love to do, I am able to offer the flexibility to work with small businesses and organizations at affordable rates with a more personalized approach to identifying what the organization really needs. Most small business owners are usually so focused on building the business that they forget the importance of simple essentials. Not only can I assist with the development of those important materials, I can also take what you already have and turn it into a solid product that sets your business apart from the competition. 

Click here to see a list of some of the consulting and design services I offer! 

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